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Dance School Hoofddorp

Best school for beginners and advanced

Fire Dance Academy is a dance school for people of all ages and experience levels. We are the perfect choice for you to master dancing: Bachata (Sensual, Moderna, Dominican), Salsa, Kizomba, Urban Kizz and Tarraxo

- Accessible for all ages
- Accessible for expats (there are English classes)
- 6 different dancing styles

Over 5 year of professional dancing experience

Learn to dance
while enjoying the process

We make sure you get the best guidance so you can enjoy dancing with the people around you, the atmosphere and the music.
We always focus on the strengths of our students. When you are eager to learn, not even the sky is the limit.

- Affordable
- Free parking
- Free drinks and snacks (on saturday also diner)
- Great location

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Over 5 years of professional dancing experience

Start learning while socialicing

During our lessons you will learn to dance and have fun. But you also will get to know a lot of new people. After the lessons there is always room to chat and dance freely.

What we offer

Private Bachata Courses

With our 1-on-1 coaching you will see rapid progress and results.

One of the biggest advantages of one-on-one coaching is the full attention and focus of a dedicated coach. This means you will get immediate feedback and see improvements with every lesson.

For booking a private lesson send a message to 0616090815

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"Super avond gehad afgelopen vrijdag! Aanrader vooriedereen. Alles wordt duidelijk uitgelegd en je voelt je meteen helemaal thuis.Ik kan niet wachten tot aanstaande vrijdag om weer te gaan"

Pam Du Crocq

"Gezellig, kleinschalig, laagdrempelig, leuke lessen"

A. Van Horn

"Aardige mensen, warm welkom. Je mag iedere les na je eigen les ook meedoen en na de dansles is er ook social, dus je kunt gelijk oefenen. Echt super leuk en goed geregeld."

Patricia van der Waal

"Leuke creative lessen. Wij zijn gevorderden dansers. Je kunt de hele week terecht voor verschillende dansvormen. Ook als je met beginners meedoet heb je het naar je zin. Iedere les staat er drinken met iets lekkers te eten. De danslessen zijn erg leuk, de mensen zijn super aardig. Wat heel bijzonder is dat er vers wordt gekookt in het weekend. Dat heb ik nog nergens meegemaakt. Kortom iedereen die kan en wil zou ik hier naar toe sturen."

Fransisca van der Kroft

"Wat een geweldige mensen. Dansles is echt super gezellig, duidelijk uitleg en het gaat gelukkig niet traag. En wat hebben we ook gelachen met elkaar. Daarna nog lekker vrij dansen zodat je nog verder kunt oefenen"

Brigitta Delwel

" Een hele leuke dansschool. Ze geven goede uitleg en je leert echt hele mooie figuren. Gemoedelijke sfeer. En je kunt prima alleen komen."

Paola Hoogervorst

" Als een warm bad"

Mar Welbergen

"Een no nonsense dansschool. Start zonder echte intake gesprek. De lessen zijn heel aktief engaan vrij snel. Er is veel tijd om te socialiseren. De zaterdag is opzich alleen avondje uit. Zonder danspartner kan je hier ook goed terecht."

Rae Engelbregt

"Veel geleerd inéén avond! Erg fijne dansdocenten! Ik heb de smaak te pakken"

Desire van Santen


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Dancing should be affordable for everyone!


Dedicated coach
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Kizomba abonnement

All classes on mon, thu, fri, sat.
12 social parties
Video course material
Cancel anytime
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Gold abonnement

40 lessons on mo, th, fr, sa
16 social parties
Video course material
Cancel anytime
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For a group lesson call or message 0639886969.

For a private lesson call or message 0616090815.

Frequently asked questions

Please find detailed information below on our most commonly asked questions. If you feel your question has still not been answered, then just contact us below, and we will help you the best we can.

What dance styles do you teach?

We teach:
- Dominican Bachata
- Bachata moderna
- Bachata Sensual
- Kizumba
- Urban Kizz
- Tarraxo

Can you explain what the dance styles mean?

Yes of course!

Dominican Bachata
This is the closest style to the traditional style that originated in the Dominican Republic. It is quite fast and involves fast footwork and turns, alternating between open and closed positions with each partner using freestyle movements that can be different or echo each others movements. The transition of weight between from each foot means that the attention is on the hips (especially for the ladies!) 

Bachata moderna
This is the most danced Bachatastyle in the world and haas the closest style to Salsa with a lot of turnpattern, cross body leads, arms leading & following.

Bachata sensual
This dance style includes a lot of body waves, isolations combined with Salsa turn pattern, cross leads etc. Bachata sensualis a combination of Zouk and Salsa. The bodies of dancers tend to close together, by waves, body isolations contact of hips and arms. The figures in this style are focused in emphasize the moves of the body. It’s a roleplay dance: the leader (a man) lead the body of the follower (awoman) to feel and to interpret the music. These days, Bachata has more upbeatsand the music has also electronic sounds. This dance style is much dance dusing the remix Bachata music such as DJ TronkyMind that, in this kind of Bachata dance, there is an importance of the basic8-count steps.

Kizomba is known as African Tangoand is originally from Angola. The style of Kizomba is now emphasizes a very smooth way of dancing with influences of Tango steps, but one of the main differences is that the lower body, the hip, does forward/backwards and circle movements. People dance on the tempo, as well as playing on the off beat andonly sometimes using syncopation steps.

Urban Kizz
Urban Kiz is a couple-dance derivedfrom Kizomba. … The dance style evolved influenced by Ghettozouk and remixes with R&B, Rap, Dance and Hip Hop. By finding the commonalities between various dance styles, or creating new movements, dancers can actively adapt and improvise their dance style to music of all influences.”. Enah Lebon, Moun andCurtis Seldon are known as creators of Urban Kizz.

It could be called the Kizomba underground dance. Tarraxo doesn’t always require stepping or footwork and shouldn’t be interrupted by sharp beats or changes in the music. Instead, thereis an added focus on body control and timely sensual hip movements in a close embrace. Tarraxo is about controlling the more subtle energy inside our bodies compared to doing obvious movements with the physical body.

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